PIN & Privacy


A Personal Identification Number, or PIN, is a four-digit number you choose to protect your account with The Portsmouth Public Library. It works with your library card number (the number under the barcode). You can get a PIN when you apply for a library card, or when you visit your local branch. Please ask at any Circulation Desk and they will create one for you.

Important note: Always keep your PIN private. Never share your card number or PIN with anyone over the phone unless you initiated a call to the Library and know you are speaking to a Library staff member.

When You Need Your PIN

You’ll need your PIN when:
  • TeleMessaging calls about a reserve or overdue items, and you want more information
  • You call TeleMessaging to access your Library Account: 757-393-4265 or 757-397-5265
  • You access your own Library Account from the online catalog
  • You want to sign up and use a library public access computer

Forgot Your PIN / New PIN

If you don’t know your PIN, have forgotten it or want a new one, ask for help at your branch library.

Protecting Your Privacy

The Library keeps your transactions in confidence as a matter of policy.